Myra Tinsley

My paintings are an attempt to capture a fleeting moment. The light will only hit my subject and create that fragmented light pattern for a very short time. That feeling of creative excitement and immediacy is what drives me to paint.

I find so many spots of beauty and tranquility in the world. These are the places I create on canvas. It may be a peaceful garden, a shaded porch, a colorful field or a pathway with filtered light. My desire is to capture the visual excitement and joy I feel about that particular place in time.

The figures in my paintings are primarily women and children and this is very much by design. Children possess innocence, playfulness, hopefulness and enthusiasm for even the simplest things in life. The models for the children in my paintings are my many granddaughters.

My desire to paint women is based on my deep respect and awe of what I perceive women to represent. At every stage of life, women are fascinating. In youth, their hearts are full of optimistic dreams of the life they will create for themselves. As mothers, they are nurturing, loving, gentle and protective. With age, women become aware of the unique place they hold as the center of their family. The image of a mother holding her child in her arms represents a mother in her key role, that of protector, giving her a feeling of strength and sureness as well as delicacy and grace. For me, women and children embody all things good and beautiful. The models for the women in my paintings are my daughters.